Conflict Resolution


Over the past 15 years, alternate dispute resolution has become the norm, rather than the exception, in certain personal injury and commercial cases.


We have attorneys who are experienced in mediating and arbitrating cases, both large and small. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have served as arbitrators in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases, construction defect matters, professional liability cases and personal injury cases. The attorneys who practice in this area are facilitators, good listeners, and exhibit flexibility and professionalism required to assist in resolving disputes.


Court mandated arbitration and mediation are handled pursuant to court rules. On the other hand, private, voluntary mediation, and arbitration have been utilized as a means to resolve conflicts at an early stage in the proceedings, with or without litigation. They are a cost effective means of dispute resolution, designed to facilitate ;problem solving by the parties themselves.


The types of cases the Firm has handled at mediation include real estate, contract disputes, professional liability, product liability, personal injury, family/divorce, business, and commercial matters.